Opera selfie!!


Opera selfie!!




I’m gonna do a list of cool things I did in these last 2 weeks, because I don’t have time to blog day-by-day.

-My very first opera!! We went to Barber of Seville at Teatro Colón, which was sung in the original italian, but with spanish subtitles at the top. That was pretty freaking cool! We were in the very top, called Paradise because the sound quality is impeccable, and we had to stand the whole time which wasn’t fun, but it was worth it to hear the snap of the hand fan as a woman opened it on stage. I was also thinking before how the only opera song I know is the “Figaro, Figaro, Figaaarrrroooo” one, and it ended up being that opera! I laughed so hard when the guy started singing that. I felt accomplished. It was also just really cool that I was able to understand the majority of the play, even though the it was in antiquated spanish.

-Three different midterms that I rocked in a week. Literature, which was an in class essay test that we could prepare for ahead of time and bring in an outline, so that was very easy. The narratives midterm was actually kind of terrible, because it was 3 in class essays that we had to dig through our materials for quotes for, 3 quotes per essay, and it was a bunch to do. I was the first one done, and I finished 15 minutes after our hour and a half class ended. The last person took almost 3 hours. That was crazy. The history one was beyond easy, he basically gave us the four short answer questions and the answers to them beforehand, so I just had to study a little bit. I was one of the very first done, it only took like 35 minutes. I haven’t gotten any grades back yet, but I’m pretty confident about them.

-Saying goodbye to a bunch of SOLmates…which I can’t classify as a “cool” thing because it was actually really sad, but it was definitely important enough to blog about. We had a goodbye lunch at Raul’s house that thursday that we had a holiday from class. Christina, Luke, Isaac, Courtney, and Ronika all finished their programs, and it they didn’t go home yet, they’re out and about travelling. It was a really nice lunch that Raul’s wife, Monika, made for us, and I got to meet one of his other daughters. Also, Rodrigo and I took some pretty awesome pictures of me being totally badass with my hair braided tightly (by Ronika) and wearing my leather jacket. I’ll for sure post on of those on here.

-Saying goodbye to Christina…which deserves a separate point because it was just so sad…She started crying as she got into the taxi, and we hugged about a million times.. She’s in Peru now, but we’re gonna talk so much when she gets back and can be online!! We have so much to catch her up on, and she for us! Soon it’ll be time to live vicariously through each other.

-Long holiday weekend, in which honestly I did basically nothing. Talia’s roommate from University of Kentucky and some her friends that she’s studying abroad with in Brazil, came to Buenos Aires for the weekend. We met up with them thursday night and went to Club 69 again, and it was just awesome. The next day, we wandered around Plaza Italia and got some Kentucky pizza (yum!!!) and then stumbled upon a Violetta concert!! Actually, I think I already blogged about this, so, moving on!

-Botanical garden!!! Talia and I met up after my class on wednesday and finally wandered around the botanical gardens. It’s right by Plaza Italia, where we always go, but for some reason we never went before. We played a game of cribbage, she won of course, then wandered around the entire gardens, and stopped by a garden to do a bit of homework reading before they kicked us out as it closed. It was cool, and I can check it off my list of stuff to do!

-Evita museum!! It was really cool to finally learn about the woman that everyone in this country loves. For example, I learned that she was an actress and a dancer, and already a big activist before she met Perón, which is how she met him. I also learned a lot about the different programs she put in place after she got married, and after Perón got elected: like going to Spain, Italy, and France and doing charity work, and also her work in Argentina itself. She created better schools all around the country, and a city for children to play and stay, and a new school to create better nurses, and homes for single moms and orphans (one of which is where the museum is now located), and made a bunch of reforms for treatment of the elderly, too. She really was a fighter for everyone that was less fortunate, which is why her grave is the only one in Recoleta cemetery that always has flowers on it. Talia and I biked home from that, and we kinda biked home super fast, so it was decent exercise.

-Hurlingham with Irina and her friends and family! Talia and I visited Irina out in Hurlingham, which is about a 45 minute train ride outside the city, to the west. It’s still a part of the province of Buenos Aires, but I’d never been out to the greater ring before. We actually had to sprint to the train and hold the door open to make it, but we did! Irina met us at the train station, and bought us all these sweets for us to eat while we had mate and her house with her parents and talked. We were determined to spend the entire day in spanish, even though Irina’s whole family speaks english, and other languages, fluently. After mate, we went to a local garage sale with two of Irina’s friend, and because Talia owed me 50 pesos, she bought me a super cute shirt. Then we went back to Irina’s place and chilled for a while while she showered and changed, then we went to her friend’s house for an asado! This was the very first asado at a house either of us has been to, and it was so much better than one at a restaurant! We hung out for a while, out in the balcony and in the kitchen area, and we ate a toooooon of food. It was all so delicious, but there were about 10 of them, and while I could understand them speaking to me, when they all started speaking to each other so fast… That was rough. And I was pretty tired, so that was rough. But totally fun! We finally got to hang out with a big group of porteños! A bunch of them were heading into the capital city to go to a boliche, so they dropped us off in palermo on Santa Fe, and we took a bus home from there. We got home at like 330am or something, and we crashed. This one guy, Francesco, kept trying to get me to go to the boliche with them on the car drive back, and I mean he was flirting haaaaaard, but I’m very glad I decided to crash instead. He probably would have tried to continue the flirting, too, which was getting bad, lol. Overall, a super great day and evening!

-New bar with Angie! Talia and I met up with this girl, Angie, that Talia had met through one of her friends who had studied abroad her before. Actually the same friend that hooked us up with Irina. We really owe Alex, now that I think about it. But anyway, we discovered a new bar really close to us, and it was pretty cool. Also, it’s awesome to have a new friend that lives SO close to us, everyone we know, especially the locals, they live sooooo far away from us. Like on the other side of Belgrano, or in Hurlingham. She invited us to her birthday party the next night, but we were still in Hurlingham, so we didn’t make it, but we had a nice talk, and she’s really cool. Angie is also like the 7th person I’ve met that is an engineer, or engineering student. Apparently there aren’t that many in Argentina, but I guess all of them want to learn different languages, so I meet them all at mundo lingo. Works for me!

-El Zanjón de Granados! Today, we went with SOL to these tunnels! They are underneath a huge brick house from roughly the 1700s. Most of it is still original bricks, they just replaced the adobe with cement so that it actually stays up. The giant house was originally residential, then became a kind of hostel for men, then they tried to convert it into a restaurant, then it was abandoned for more than 20 years. When the museum got ahold of it, there was a lot of reconstruction to do. But, they kept a ton of the old artifacts they found and it was pretty cool to see that. Also, the tunnels!! There used to be a river running through San Telmo barrio, and it carved through the underground, and left behind these pretty cool tunnels. We obviously couldn’t go through a lot of it, but there was a decent portion that we could, which was pretty cool! 

I’m fully caught up again! Yay me!!! Chau chau, besos para todos, hasta luego. 🙂

Way behind again! Sorry!


Haha so starting with last Tuesday, April 25th I think. I just went to my classes, figured out how to cram all my homework in while on the bus, and then struggled through my 6 hours worth of class. I went to Mundo Lingo and talked to some people, but headed back early. It was kinda dead, not a lot of people there. I stayed up later than I should have, of course, because I totally procrastinated writing my essay for my cinema class. I actually ended up finishing it wednesday morning before my class. Luckily it was just an essay over exactly what we had discussed in class for two days straight; I wrote it pretty quickly. Wednesday after class, Talia and I biked around Palermo and Recoleta again. Had a cutsy romantic day, played cribbage in the park, basically acted like the best couple ever. I love when we have those days! Thursday, I went to class and then, that night, was Club 69!! Club 69 was such a cultural experience. We met up with some SOLmates and other friends at Sergio’s apartment to pre-game a little bit, and then went to the boliche. Christina had signed us up online before we left, so as long as we got there before 2am, the 3 of us got in for free. We stopped by the bar across the street, Carnal, for a quick cheap drink before heading in to Club 69. Turns out, on Thursday nights, it’s basically a gay club! And by that, I mean there was a drag show up on the stage. Men dancing in shiny gray speedos, women dancing in basically cut-outs, and two men in full drag performing. It was wonderful! They danced and lip synced a couple songs, and then it was like any other boliches in that we were just dancing to music. Well, that is, until they brought out a mobile stripper pole with a woman dancing on it. She was going at it, and then 15-20 mins later, she switched places with one of the guys in speedos that was up on the stage from earlier. I swear, that guy could move his hips better than I could even dream to do. It was absolutely crazy. It was also about that time that we realized it was only partially a gay club. Guys started hitting on us, and that was kinda sad, because we (well I) were really enjoying not being harassed while dancing. Anyway, that night was amazingly fun, and I’m glad we went. I got home at like 630 or 7am, and it was worth it!

That next day, friday, we met up with SOL for a tour of Teatro Colon! It’s ranked the 3rd best opera house in the world, which was really pretty cool to get an in depth tour of and hear all the history. We even got to hear about the secrets, like how there’s a balcony at the very top where you can fit an entire choir, so that in certain operas or shows you can have music coming from the top of the theater, as if it were the angels in heaven singing. It’s so cool to me that they thought to create a full body experience like that, making the audience really awed by the show, ya know? I don’t actually know if that made sense, but it did in my mind. Anyway, that was awesome. The theater is absolutely beautiful. The guys decided to go to an opera the next week. At that point, I assumed I would be in Chile during that time, so I didn’t buy my ticket then. I ended up not going, so I bought my ticket later, on Monday. I didn’t end up going out that night.

Saturday morning, well like noon, Talia and I woke up and went to a Polo game. Talia rides horses, actually does equestrian sports, but even she doesn’t understand polo. She’s been to a game or two before, but it’s a complex sport. It was also my first game. We got there about halfway through the first game, and then the guys showed up for the second, so we had figured some stuff out already. I know that there are 7 “chuckers,” which is what they called the 7 minute period of play. Then there are 3 minutes in between so that they can change out horses, because a horse can only play two non consecutive chuckers in a game. I also think that they switch sides every time someone scores, I think. That part got super confusing. Was really fun, but confusing for sure. Argentina ended up losing to England, 10 to 9, but it’s not like we were super invested in the game. It was just a cool experience to have, since I had never been before, and I might even go again one day, who knows. Talia and I had seen a big festival kind of thing in a park on our way to the polo fields, so we decided to stop by there again on our way back, just to see what it was. Turns out, we crashed a little kids festival. And I mean little kids. It had inflatables and a concert with dancing people in big dinosaur costumes. We felt kind of pervy, so we went to the other side of the park and just sat and chilled for a while. There were a bunch of other groups of people just chilling, but we still stood out because we were the only group without mate! Anyway, we headed out when it got darker and chilly. That night Talia had a sorta date thing with a guy she didn’t like, but who definitely has a crush on her, so she went out, and Christina met up with her after the date. I was in charge of making sure that Talia got home before 11, because she really didn’t want the date to drag on. It ended up being fine haha.

I don’t really remember what we did on sunday, to be honest.. I guess that’s what happens when I wait so long to blog. Anyway, it’s gonna have to wait some more, because I’m tired of blogging. I just wanna watch this movie! (It’s I Am Number Four, btw.) Chao!!