Fuerza Bruta, Nuevos SOLmates, y mas!


– MALBA! I went to the art museum like 2 weeks ago by myself after school one day. There is this cool exhibit about a photographer (Mario something or other) who does risky photos for magazines around the world, and some are of models, but I recognized a lot of the celebrities in his photos, too. I also wandered around the permanent exhibit of art throughout the history of Argentina/Latin America. That was a nice relaxing afternoon, and I walked home the 45 minutes or so, just to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.

– Fuerza Bruta! Lissette and I tried to go saturday night, but when the tickets were sold out, we just bought tickets for the next afternoon. It’s basically a Cirque de Soleil show, and it was crazy! At one point, there was a guy running on a treadmill with things flying at him and getting shot. Then there was a giant curtain that was drawn around the entire room, and two girls hanging from the ceiling ran around it and fought. Then the ceiling dropped down and we saw that it was actually a kind of a swimming pool, with 4 girls running around and smacking their stomachs against the tarp and they jumped around. It looked like it really hurt. A couple different times, the ceiling dropped down so far that we were actually told to help hold it up. Next, they brought out a huge parachute type thing and ballooned it up with the entire audience under it. There were guys walking around on top of it, and then they opened up these 3 holes, jumped down (with their harnesses, obviously) and swung around. They also grabbed some random members in the crowd and raised them up to on top of the parachute thing. I was so jealous of the 3 people that got to do it. The show ended with basically a mosh pit in the center, under this fountain of water, while 5 performers banged like crazy on drums on the stage. It was an experience unlike any other.

– First time going to Argentine movie theater! Lissette and I basically had a date night two saturdays ago. We met up to go to Fuerza Bruta, but the tickets were all sold out. So instead, we went to Volta for some ice cream, and the went to the movies! We just picked a random movie that was starting soon, called “La Ley de Mas Fuerte” or “The Strongest Law” and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It ended up being a movie from the US, Out of The Furnace! It came out in the states several months ago, but I never saw it, even though I had been to some of the places where they filmed! It’s a Christian Bale movie, and part of it is filmed in the West Virginia Penitentiary, where I went on a overnight paranormal tour, and actually laid in the bunk in the cell that they had redone for the movie. It was pretty cool to watch the movie and be able to say that I walked through that same prison, just at 4am and with only a flashlight.

– Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Two fridays ago, I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I walked to Alto Palermo, the big shopping mall about an hour walk from my house, and shopped my whole way there. Before I even got to the mall, I had bought 3 pairs of tights and a scarf. I got two pairs of black tights, one of them metallic, and a pair of silver metallic ones (Teresa absolutely loves those, she’s acting like she’s going to get some herself!). The scarf is this beautiful bright red. I met Julie at the entrance to Alto Palermo, and that entrance is also where I bought two pairs of shoes. There is a brand of shoes here, that are exactly like Tom’s, called Paez. I got a plain black pair that are good for winter because they have a layer of microfiber inside, and another pair that are black with tiny white stars that does not have the microfiber. Each pair was 250 pesos, but the workers were flirting with me, so I asked if I could get a discount for buying both, and I did! Instead of 500, I got both pairs for 440. I call that a good deal. After that, Julie and I wandered around the mall, got Starbucks, talked forever, and then we went down the street so she could try Kentucky Pizza for the first time.

– Dancing at La Viruta! The next Thursday, Julie and I met up at La Viruta to dance the salsa, the milonga, and the tango! Talia joined us later, when salsa was almost done. It was actually really fun! You pay to enter, and then you can stay as long as you want and take as many classes as you want. Oh, and by the way, I went full tango dress that night! I was completely dressed up, because, why not? Salsa was super fun, especially with Leo. He was a guy in my class, and by far my favorite. He was just clearly one of those guys who is always in a great mood and is not afraid to laugh at himself and us when we messed up. Plus, he wasn’t grossly hitting on me! +1 for Leo. After each class, there is a free period when people can go out into the dance floor and use what they learned, so I danced with one of Julie’s friends then. Then there was the milonga class, that I wasn’t going to join, but this old adorable man who had also been in my salsa group, Horacio, asked me if I wanted to dance. He was really good! And he was really patient, teaching me the steps slowly. Then, before the tango class, the professors performed! There were 10, for all the different levels of classes, and they showed us all their moves. It was so freaking impressive. Then the tango class! Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite guy that I danced with in that class, because there was one guy who literally kept grabbing me again and again to dance, even though we were supposed to switch partners, and being super weird. And when I finally got away from him, he straight up left the class. It was very strange. But that professor was really nice, and he invited me back the next week (actually gave me a discount on some passes). My feet were killing me after 3 hours of dancing, over half of that in heels, but it was so fun!

– The new SOLmates! So, last saturday, we got a ton of new SOLmates. Most of them are just here for a month, but one or two are here for 2 months. On Monday, they all went to Cumana to try mate and get their orientation and meet Beatriz. Beatriz is a new director who is going to be helping out Raul, because this new group is bigger than usual and it’s hard for one person to handle. Sergio, Lissette, Talia, and I all stopped by to meet people. Actually, I was there the whole time. Raul wanted me to give my experience and my advice after almost everything he told them, which I didn’t mind at all. I also finally tried terere! Terere is another type of mate, but cold. Sometimes it’s ice water, or juice, or pop, but all with the same yerba as hot mate. We tried it with orange juice, and it was honestly just delicious. Lissette and I couldn’t get enough. Overall, the newbies seem cool, and I enjoyed being the voice of experience. Made me feel all important, jaja.

– Mate club/Cuartito. The next day, Tuesday, all those newbies came to mate club. It was pretty chill, I had some good conversations with locals, and Beatriz, and it was nice and calm. Unfortunately, Hollie and Maura’s table won the competition, as they have for the last 3 weeks, and they ate the alfajores very smugly. Oh, also Hollie’s mom is in town visiting and she came (she’s Mexican and completely fluent in spanish), and they are so alike! They look alike and very much have the same kind of teasing/joking humor. After mate club, but before mundo lingo, I went for pizza at Cuartito with Kylie and Maura and there two roommates from the new batch. It was my first time at Cuartito, which is kind of weird since it’s so close to us and famous, but oh well. I prefer Kentucky Pizza. Then it was off to mundo lingo, where I only stayed for like half an hour because I had a movie to watch for my class the next day. However, in that half hour, Rodrigo and Evan taught Talia and I some pretty cool lunfardo.

– Tango class with the newbies! Yesterday, they had their first tango class, and Raul said I could tag along, because I’ve seriously been in a dancing mood for like 3 weeks now. Since I already knew the basic steps that they were learning, I danced with Raul a good part of the time. The rest of the time, I was dancing with all of them and helping them out. I also know the guy steps to the basic parts, so I was showing the girls, too. It was pretty fun! Also, Andrew taught me the 2-step! I had never danced it before, but it’s pretty simple. He was spinning me around everywhere and dipped me too! Like I said, very fun!

– Liquid Bar/Boliche with TECHO friends! Last night, Talia and I went out to a bar with some of the people we met this past weekend at Techo (which is going to get it’s own separate post). We went to a new place, called Liquid, that (only on Wednesdays) foreigners get in free with a copy of their passport, and get a free drink. This place was a bar, but at the same time kind of a boliche. We were dancing off and on the whole time, and most people around us were too. It was fun, and a place I might even want to go back to, but last night Talia and I were super tired.We went to bed at like 3am, and both passed out immediately. But we’re glad we went out, at least for a bit!


Okay, so that’s all for now. I’ll try to do the TECHO post today as well, but I’m not going to promise anything. Also, I’m going to post pictures of Fuerza Bruta. Until then, chau chau!!! Besos a todos!


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