I forgot about Uruguay!!!


Remember two posts ago how I said I didn’t remember what we did on that sunday? That’s because I was trying to think about something we did in the city, but I couldn’t because we left the country entirely! We went to Colonia, Uruguay!! I can’t believe I forgot that that was when we went.

Anyway, we left early morning to catch the express ferry (one 1 hour instead of 3) and landed in Uruguay at about 9am. We took this quick bus tour around town that described the most important historical parts of the town, because Colonia has a wonderful historical district (we actually spent the entire day there). To be honest, I was unconscious for about 75% of that tour. Like I said, we had to get up early.. After that, we walked around a couple blocks and picked up our audio guides. We spent the next couple hours wandering around the town, just strolling through the little streets, and learning the history of the town. You could tell which streets were of Spanish design and which were of Portuguese design which, although it is something I never need to know, I’m happy I do! It was full of cool tidbits like that, and a bunch of information about the battles that happened during the struggle for independence. We also got to see remnants of a fort: there was a giant wall that lead to the water, which I climbed, but I was actually quite scared, the ledge was thin. We spent some time by the beach, just skipping rocks and talking, and Maura walked across some rocks further into the water. Just chilled. Then, Raul showed us (AGAIN) why he is the greatest person, because he helped us to listen to ants talk! Sounds weird I know, but he picked up 3 ants, put them in his hankerchief and tied it up, then put that tiny ball in our ears. After we stopped giggling at them moving around in there, we could actually hear them chattering away! It was really cool, and Raul is just the best for knowing that that was a thing. 

Finally, we settled down for lunch. We had drinks, an appetizer, main course, and dessert. None of us could move, especially me, since I had gnocchi for lunch. Everything was super good, but we could barely move. Anyway, we headed from there to the lighthouse. That was so cool (that’s the picture I posted), and we went up to the top of it. Obviously there was no elevator, and I don’t mind stairs, but the stairway was tightly winding and very narrow. There literally was not room for someone to go up at the same time people went down, so there were workers at the first balcony and at the bottom monitoring traffic. From the top, we took several pictures, and I tried to get one of the Buenos Aires skyline, because we could see a decent part of it through the fog, but it didn’t come out clearly in the photos. From there, we walked to the little crafts market, where I bought a new mate! I had already bought the really cool one from Recoleta market that has my name engraved on it, but I wanted one that was glass or something so that it was easier to clean. This one is leather on the outside but is glass or plastic or something on the inside. It takes 3 seconds to clean, and I’ve had mate so many times since buying it. The cleaning process of the other one was discouraging me from using it. But after I bought that, I joined Christina and Talia down on the grass for a little half hour nap (we still weren’t recovered from the early morning). Following that, we headed back to the ferry (not the express this time), and headed home. I was up on the roof for a while, looking at the stars as the ferry pulled away, but it got chilly soon so I went back down and laid down to sleep. We were supposed to get home at like 1015pm, but there was some delay that happened while I was sleeping, so we ended getting back to our house at like 1130pm, and we had dinner then. Luckily, that lunch had been plenty large to sustain us that whole time. Anyway, that was Uruguay! I can’t believe I forgot!


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