FAMILY!! (First part)


So today is friday night, and my family is currently on a plane from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Miami, Florida. We said goodbye at like 5pm as they left for the airport, and it was seriously almost harder to say bye the second time. I got used to having them around, and showing them everything! This week was just really quite crazy, but we/they got to do so much and I’m so glad! They got here last friday at like 11, and luckily I didn’t have class, so I met them at their hotel. And after much hugs, their Buenos Aires Aventuras started! 

Friday, when they arrived at their hotel (only 5 blocks from my house), we walked along Santa Fe a bit and got lunch at a cafe. I made sure they immediately had empanadas and tried a submarino! I took my job as a guide very seriously. My mom wanted to shower, and Teri and Zach desperately needed to nap, so I waited around for my mom to be done, and then we went and walked around for a bit while they slept. We went up Santa Fe for like 10-15 blocks, wondered around a gallery for a bit, and strolled back. After the sleeping beauties awoke and showered, we walked around Plaza San Martin and then down Calle Florida. We stopped in some touristy shops, and then at Havanna to try some smoothies and alfajors for their first time! Then, the perfect added touch, there was a live tango show in the middle of the street! We watched for like 10 minutes before heading on and walking towards the Obelisk and back to my house. They got to meet Teresa and, like everyone who comes to Argentina must do, they tried mate! We were talking to Teresa, Talia, and Christina and drinking mate for a while. My mom thought it was okay, but since it has a type of caffeine in it, she only drank two cups. Teri and Zach just didn’t like it, but I understand, it is an acquired taste. At about 930pm, we headed to CasaBar, this American bar close to us, to watch the UK game. Luckily we won, but it was most definitely bedtime after that. I went home, and then went back to meet them the next morning!

So, saturday! We got a slightly later start than I would have liked because they were all still so tired. But oh well, we went straight to Recoleta cemetery. We walked around there for a while, got a little lost looking for Evita, but eventually found her. And the amazing guide was able to remember some of the cool stories Raul had told us when we went through it the first time. It was fun to explore again, and the church too. We spent a good long time walking around the market there, and ended up getting gifts for a lot of different people there, just because they were all so cool and unique! Then we stopped by the Museo de Bellas Artes for a bit, mostly because we wanted to see the exhibit on the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, but unfortunately that was only a temporary exhibit and it had already changed again. Then we walked back to their hotel to drop off all the purchases, and rode the subte to Plaza de Mayo to take more pictures and see the Casa Rosada. We actually ended up just walking inside and getting a free tour! That was just mind-blowing to us! To even get into the White House is like a 6 month wait and a background check, but we only had to pass through one metal detector and we got a free 45 min tour! How awesome! We grabbed dinner after that, and I spent the night in their hotel room because I just did not wanna get off that bed. So I didn’t! I’ll write more later, starting with sunday. Chau! Un beso grande a todos!