Jaja, por qué no?


Jaja, por qué no?

Haha, why not?


Mar del Plata!!!


Sorry to be writing this in English again, but I only have so much time before I head off to mate club then mundo lingo! And Santi’s coming to mundo lingo tonight! Anyway, for an update, Thursday was a pretty boring day, Talia and I just practiced our controversial debate that we had to present on friday. We killed it, though! It was on whether or not creationism should be taught in schools. I was the teacher, arguing for it to be taught in schools, and she was one of my students who didn’t believe it should be taught as an actual theory. It sparked a really intense discussion, which was really interesting. No idea what grade I got, she never actually tells us a grade, but no big deal.

This last weekend, I went to Mar del Plata!! I went with almost everyone from SOL and several other people from our classes that are here through the ISA program. There were 18 of us total, and it was just a wonderful weekend!! We left at like 8-830 in our private bus, and after making a pit stop at this little restaurant for dinner, and got the our hotel at like 1am. Some people went out that night, but I could not even think about it. I went to bed around 3am, and I was still tired the next morning when we met for breakfast at 10am. We walked around this port for a little bit, and saw a TON of sea lions! We drove around a bit and saw some beautiful sights, then stopped at this seafood restaurant, with an interesting take on salmon. Obviously it was very different than the salmon I’m used to, but it had tons of bones, so it was difficult to eat. Then, finally, it was the beach! It was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful! Very crowded, but enough space to lay down and take a nap. But first, I was in the water with Hollie, and then Maura, and then Avery and Cody, too! It was seriously over an hour straight of diving into crazy strong waves, so I was drained. The nap on the beach afterwards was glorious. Hollie and I also went with Cody and Josh and it was delicious and very cheap. We got to shower and relax in the hotel for a bit before going out to an asado buffet! Also, Rodrigo ordered the girls and I this huge banana split with flan and three types of ice cream! Then, I got a taste of the Mar del Plata night life! I went to a bar with Hollie, Maura, Kylie, Cody, Brianna, and Joelle that was right around the corner from our hotel, and we just started rocking out. Nobody else was dancing, but we went right by the DJ and danced like stupid americans, and it was perfect. Actually, a guy came up to us and politely kicked us out by giving us free tickets to a boliche! We left immediately, took a taxi to this SWEET boliche right on the beach, and danced for free! Three different guys grabbed me to dance within the hour we were there, unfortunately the last one tried to kiss me. Or something, I mean, he kinda just ended up licking my face a bit because he just grabbed my face… Oh well, he was small and easy enough to push away. I went to bed at like 430am, that was pretty late for me, and I was so tired the next day so I napped for like the first hour that we were at the beach. Then we chilled on the rocks for a bit (you saw the pictures!) and I had a nice long conversation with Bri. She’s such a sweet girl! Anyway, naturally we got more ice cream, because we just had to. Then it was a quick brushing off of the sand in the hotel bathroom, and off to the bus we went! We got back pretty late on sunday night, but all and all, it was a truly wonderful trip, and I already miss the beach! Though I am seriously excited for my family to visit and see how truly tan I’m getting! Anyway, un beso grande a todos! Hasta luego, chau! 🙂